How-To Install Magic: the Gathering Arena on Any Android Device (Updated September 22, 2023)!

Hey everyone, this update has been a long time coming! After 137k views and over 3k comments on our original video showing you how to install Magic: the Gathering Arena on unsupported devices, I’ve finally put together this update!

Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast hasn’t published any updates to their supported devices list but we have seen that fewer users need to use this method to install or update the game. However, whenever there is an update to Arena, there are still plenty of users who are coming to us for updated links.

Since there is still a demand for it, we’ve put together the updated video and the FAQ below. 

Download Link: Downloads
Root Explorer: Google Play Store

FAQ #1 (Why isn’t the app installing on my device?)
The most common questions we receive are about how the app isn’t installing or users aren’t seeing the OBB folder. If this is happening to you, odds are your device has less than the required 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately, you will not be able to install the game.

FAQ #2 (But I have lots of storage, why doesn’t it work?)
The next most common question is, along the lines of, “I have so many GB of storage! Why isn’t it working?” This is a common misconception but RAM is not the same thing as storage. RAM is basically your phone’s short-term memory. The storage that you’re looking at is more like long-term memory. RAM is where the data is stored while you are running the game and you need a minimum of 4GB of RAM to run it. If you’re trying to determine how much RAM your device comes with, you can do so with a quick Google search.

FAQ #3 (But I have 4GB of RAM, what am I doing wrong?)
In some cases, some devices do have 4GB of RAM but the game still won’t install. This is a weird one but there are a few devices that have the right specs but can’t run the game for other reasons. This seems to happen most with Samsung A-series devices and devices with MediaTek processors. At this time, there is no known workaround for these devices.

FAQ #4 (The app installed why can’t find my OBB folder?)
There are some devices (again primarily Samsung devices) that use an external SD card. If you can’t find your OBB folder in the normal location, check your SD card to see if it is there.

FAQ #5 (Do I have to use Root Explorer Pro?)
One of the other questions we get asked all the time is, “do I have to use Root Explorer Pro?” The short answer is, no. But I recommend that you do! 99.9% of the time, the file managers that come pre-installed on your devices will not work. Those file managers have limited permissions and are designed to keep you from damaging your phone. Yes, there are several free options available but none of them work as well as Root Explorer Pro. In all my years of doing YouTube and my various Android projects, I have never found a file manager that works as well as Root Explorer Pro. So if you want to try another file manager, feel free, but know that you’re missing out. Also, I am not getting paid by the makers of Root Explorer to recommend their app. It’s just an awesome app that does the job better than any other file manager, so I choose to recommend it. 🙂

FAQ #6 (What do I do when there is an update?)
This one is easy. Just come back to the site and check for updated files. I usually get them posted within an hour of the update going live. All you’ll need to do is follow the same steps you did to install the game and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Thanks for watching!