Smartish – The Gadgets I Use Every Day!

I’m a huge fan of Smartish and have been using their products for many, many years! They are a case company that makes a lot of other awesome stuff too! In today’s video, I show off some of the gadgets I use daily! Check out the video to see the Cable Wrangler, Charge Island, Charge Dinghy, Volt 45, Crown Joule, MagSafe Wallet, and more!

Cable Wrangler:
Bigger Cable Wrangler:
Crown Joule (Universal Charging Cable):
Charge Island (15W Wireless Charger):
Charge Dinghy (MagSafe Wireless Charger):
Side Hustle (MagSafe Wallet):
Volt 45 (aka Charge Shack):

Thank you for watching!