What The Heck Is iPhone Underwear?!

iPhone Underwear SearchIn preparation for my recent post about Apple and their newest patent for a method of waterproofing a device I did a quick Google Image search for the phrase “iPhone underwater”.  As I was typing I got to “iPhone under” when my eyes happened to see something that intrigued me.  Yes, there was in fact a recommended search for “iPhone underwear“…

As I said, I was intrigued, so with a little bit of trepidation (you never know what you’ll find when Googling underwear) I selected the recommendation to see what came up.  Immediately I was confused, befuddled and slightly amused all at the same time.  I showed it to my wife who laughed and said, “what on earth is that?”  I sent a Hangouts message to a group of friends and we all agreed, this was one of the strangest things we’d ever seen.  Further research was required!

iPhone Underwear AssortediPhone Underwear is definitely a “thing” and it really does exist.  After several minutes of research I came across an old Cnet article that was able to shed some light on this strange discovery.  Apparently back in 2013 the game making company, Bandai, entered the mobile arena and started selling iPhone Underwear out of vending machines in Japan.  They were quite popular there and quickly spread to the internet where they began to be snatched up by people in all countries.

There are several manufacturers of iPhone Underwear now and they advertise it as doing everything from making your phone look sexy, to protecting it from dust, water and damage to the charging ports and home button.  Some even claim it makes your device feel more comfortable and less awkward in public…  Many of them are even advertised as being compatible with any other smartphone.  I didn’t see any that were more than $2.00USD (although some came in multi-packs that cost more than the individuals).

So now that my curiosity has been sated and I have wasted ten minutes of my life researching iPhone Underwear I can safely say that this is one old fad I will not be attempting to resurrect.  For those of you who are interested in owning your own pair of iPhone Underwear check out the links below. 🙂

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