Treat Your Eyes To The Ear iPhone Case

Ear iPhone CaseWe live in a day and age where our phones seem to govern our lives.  We are too busy messing around with our phones, whether we’re texting a friend, browsing Facebook, playing a game or whatever else it may be that has our eyes glued to the screen.  With everything going on we often forget that our phones were originally designed with a purpose, that of a phone.  For those of you weren’t around before smart phones, or for those who just need a refresher, a telephone had one purpose, making and receiving phone calls.  Not video chats, not text messages, phone calls.  Where you hold the phone up to your ear and listen to another person speak, wait your turn and then speak yourself.  Although maybe not intended to be a reminder so much as an art piece, the recent creation of Sarah Sitkin made me think about how things have changed in the world of the telephone.

Sarah Sitkin specializes in extremely realistic sculptures of the human body.  She has done various sculptures that are all extremely realistic.  Her latest creation is a case for an iPhone that is modeled after a human ear.  The image above shows it in all its glory.  And boy does it look real!

Sitkin took a mold of an actual human ear, sculpted it in clay, and then cast it in silicone to give it the realistic look and feel.  I don’t know about you guys but this is something I don’t want this on my phone, but it did make make me stop and think about how our phones have evolved!  What do you guys think?  Is this a case you would want on your phone?

Source Links: Cult of Mac | Instagram