Keysmart Minimalist Keychain Review

Keysmart Minimalist KeychainRecently I started making steps to minimize my life. I’m taking it slowly, starting with a minimal front pocket wallet, and then switching over to a minimal key chain. I was always getting stabbed and poked by my bulky key chain and just got tired of it.  The nice people over at Keysmart sent me their Keysmart Minimalist Keychain to review.

Not only is the key chain small, but even the packaging is minimalist, coming in one small Ziploc type bag.  Inside was the key chain, two longer screws, and multiple spacers for use during installation.

Setup was a bit difficult as I needed to line everything up and make sure the screws fit through to the other side. After a bit of fumbling around and about ten minutes or so, I  success. I tightened the screws using a dime.  I learned that you can’t make it too tight, otherwise you will never be able to swing the keys out to use them. But, that is okay as the screws have a rubber gasket like item that lets you keep the screws a bit loose so you can still use the keys without the screws loosening any further.

I am using the key chain with 6 keys, a Tile Locator, a Gmail bottle opener and my Yubico 2-step authentication key.  The Keysmart came with an extra piece that lets you also attach things other than keys.

Keysmart Minimalist KeychainAfter about a week of use I have been very satisfied. I have not hurt myself, don’t have a huge key chain banging on my thigh as I walk, and I feel lighter. For anyone thinking of going the minimalist route with  their keys, I highly recommend the Keysmart Minimalist Keychain.

You can order one for yourself from Amazon HERE.