Remix OS – Changing the Way We Use Android

Remix OS

There’s been a lot of talk recently about a “newish” product that has made waves in the Android community.  That product is Remix OS.  I’m here to tell you today that it is pure awesome!

Remix OS at its core is Android with a Windows look and feel that can run on almost any computer.  It takes many of the features from both Android and Windows and combines them into one easy to use platform.

I have used Remix OS now for about three weeks and have completely fell in love with it.  Although it isn’t quite at the point where it can replace my primary operating system it is well on its way.

There are many ways you can use Remix OS.  Jide sells a little puck called the Jide Remix Mini.  The Mini replaces your computer tower and gives you portability with the ability to plug a monitor and two USB devices in to it.  You still have to lug around the monitor, a keyboard and mouse but at least you no longer have to carry around the tower!  It can also be flashed to a Nexus 9 or 10 tablet, but if that sounds daunting, they also have their own tablet, the Jide Remix Ultra-Tablet.   Remix OS can also be installed to a flash drive or to a separate partition on your hard drive (think dual-boot OS).

Remix OS - Multiple ComputersI’ve tried it out on a portable flash drive and as a dual-boot and both work amazingly well!  Not only do they work well they are super easy to install (how to video coming soon).

Some of the highlights of Remix OS are as follows:
– Runs on Android!
– Looks like a pretty version of Windows!
– Multitasks like a beast (no more Recents menu in Android, everything is windowed and can be moved around on the screen like Windows)!
– Comes with a Windows style taskbar.
– Windows style start menu (basically the app drawer).
– Notifications have been redone from Android and looks like the Windows 10 Notification Center.
– Mouse right click support.
– Keyboard shortcuts (Remix OS supports all your common Windows shortcuts)!
– Over The Air (OTA) updates!
– Google Play Store support (doesn’t come with the Play Store and it has to be installed separately).
– And More!

I plan on using Remix OS for a long time to come and can’t wait to see what other features and updates Jide comes out with.  In the meantime you can expect some videos on it here in the near future!

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