Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Graduates From Beta Status

Pokemon Trading Card Game on AndroidExactly one month ago the Pokémon Company released the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online to the Google Play Store as a beta release.  At the time of release you had to sign up to be included in the beta and it was only available on tablets.

The game was very well-built and despite some insanely slow loading times when you first opened the game it was quite fun to play.  The Pokémon Company took a bit of a beating at first and received some negative reviews about the load times and frequent crashes but overall it has been positively received and reviewed on the Play Store.

Today it was announced that the game was no longer in beta and was available to all Android tablets (at least those that met the spec requirements).  You can check and see if your device is compatible at the Play Store: Pokémon Trading Card Game

If you don’t have a tablet you are still left out of the fun and the game is not officially available through the Play Store.  As a former Pokémon addict and as the father of three boys who are now Pokémon addicts when the beta first came out I took it upon myself to try to see if I could sideload the game and get it to work on devices other than tablets.  I was successful!  I have played it on my Nexus 5X without any issue and other than the occasional issue with my finger being bigger than a button I haven’t had any issues.  Check out the video and link below for directions on how to get the app on your non-tablet device.

Here’s a link to the install files (be sure to use the latest version)!

Source Link: Google Play Store