How-To Root the Nuu Mobile Z8

How-To Root Nuu Mobile Z8The Nuu Mobile Z8 is an awesome device with an awful lot of potential.  Nuu Mobile’s believes in making smartphones that match the best performance of leading brands at a reasonable price.  The Z8 is no exception and does very well in almost every area, at just under $300 it packs a lot of bang for the buck!  Even though the device is a great device right out of the box there’s always a little room for improvement.  Today we’ll show you how to improve the device by rooting it!

The Z8 is probably the one phone I’ve taken the longest to root as out of the box it comes with some great features and doesn’t have too many downsides to it.  One big selling point for every Nuu Mobile phone is that they come with a complete lack of bloatware (you know, the apps installed by carriers and manufacturers that you never use and hate looking at).  Despite all the great aspects of the Z8 there is always a little room for improvement and rooting the Z8 gets us that bit of improvement we want/need.

Why should you root a device?  Well there are many reasons, but here are a few of our favorites; the ability to make full back-ups of all your data, the ability to use apps like Tasker and automate your phone, allow you to tweak performance of the device to get better battery life, faster speeds and more!

Please note that Nuu Mobile’s FAQ on their site includes the following disclaimer, “Will rooting my phone void the 2 year Limited Warranty? We do not recommend that you root your phone, as we can only offer technical support of the factory-installed operating system. In the event rooting your phone causes your device to become unusable, please call technical support so they can help you attempt to factory-reset your phone.

To root your device you will need the following.
A Nuu Mobile Z8 (of course)

Check out the video below for the full walk through!