lamp 3 Every so often I get products for review that I am not sure what I would do with them. Initially, that is how I felt about the ELECLOVER On-Off Lamp.  This is a little desk/nightstand lamp that is about the size of  traditional house phone. I decided to let my daughter use it as a night-light/reading light in her room and have her give me the feedback from her experience.

A little background first. The light is white plastic in the shape of a rocker switch. As a result of the shape, it makes sense that one side says ON and the other side says OFF. That is how you know to turn it on or off, just push the rocker to the direction you want. There is also an on/off switch under the lamp to prevent it from turning on and wasting the battery.

Yes this is battery operated (450mAh Li-ion). The battery should last up to 20 hours before you need to recharge it.  It comes with a USB cable for charging, however there is no wall plug. As a result you either have to use a USB wall plug from another device or charge it off of a USB port on your computer.

lamp 1As you can see from the image, the light is pretty bright. The feedback my daughter gave me was that it was too bright to leave on as a night-light, but she enjoyed using it as a reading lamp. Not surprisingly, she also found it very simple to use.

For the current price, it’s not a bad deal and the quality and brightness make this an item worth having around the house, apartment, boat, or RV.

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