Pelican Protector Case for the Galaxy Note 7

Pelican Protector Case for the Galaxy Note 7First and foremost, we would like to remind our readers that Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7.  This case review was in the works prior to the recall and is being posted for those who are holding on to their Note 7’s, despite the recall.

The Pelican Protector case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 takes a minimalist approach while still maintaining a sturdy well protected feel.  The case itself fits snugly with no problem lining up to the buttons and ports one may need. In fact, it fits so snugly that the screen protector I was using came off when I put the Pelican case on the first time.  With the high strength Gorilla Glass I don’t really need the protector so the trade-off was worth it for me.

I had a worry about a case with the edge technology found on the Note 7 and that it would hamper my ability to use it.  I was pleasantly surprised at how it feels and actually aids in me using it.  Going from a non-edge phone to one with it has taken some adjustments in my hand placement when using the phone.  I often find myself accidentally pressing the edge of the screen with a finger or part of my hand and this case alleviates that.  I am able to rest my fingers on the case edge and not worry about touching the screen.

Pelican Protector Case for the Galaxy Note 7My phone feels very secure with the case on and has survived a drop or two while my son plays Pokémon Go.  I reviewed the black and grey case, and would’ve preferred a bit of color.  Fortunately, there are also a blue and a pink variant for those who need the color I wanted.  I would definitely recommend the Pelican Protector to anyone who is looking for a strong sturdy case that won’t change the aesthetics or size of their Note 7 while not skimping on protection.

Still have a Note 7 and looking for a good case?  Order the Pelican Protector here: Pelican Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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