Version B29 Comes To Axon 7!

Axon 7 B29 Update NotificationThe third build for the North American Axon 7 (A2017U) has been released, B29. I have been really looking forward to a change in this update, you can now disable the lock screen notification bell! The notification bell hid notifications until you clicked the bell, allowing for greater privacy as well as the ability to see the full wallpaper and was ideal to some. For others like myself, it was more of an annoyance. If I wanted my notifications more private, I would hide the contents on the lock screen. The major reason this annoyed me other than being an extra press to view my notifications, was I listen to music a lot and enjoy the ability to skip songs from the lock screen. To get the update, open settings and hit the update button.

Here’s the official changelog from ZTE:

  • Notification bell is now optional (hooray!)
  • New application management policy to enhance battery life
  • Optimized video camera focus on moving objects
  • Resolved .FLAC file playback issue
  • Visual Voicemail optimized for dual SIM
  • Updated fix for Mute Call issue
  • Other general enhancements

To disable the notification bell, open the settings app and select “Notifications” and then “Show on the lock screen”, and select “notification preferred”. You will notice this does not entirely eliminate the bell as it is still on the lock screen and can be toggled, but by default, your notifications will be visible until you hit the bell with this setting.

Along with the changelog, ZTE has once again committed to bringing Android Nougat to the Axon 7 in a timely manner. Nougat has received positive feedback internally, and they look forward to bringing it to the Axon 7 users. In the changelog a ZTE employee states “This update comes less than one and a half months from the previous one, but the more exciting news is that we’re in parallel paths to deploy Nougat as quickly as possible”. This prediction puts us to receive Nougat just in time for Christmas, a goal I hope they can hit.

Source Link: ZTE USA Blog