GoNNER – Be Prepared To Die Over and Over Again

GoNNERWhen you think of a game that is fun to play and enjoyable you don’t normally think of a game where you die in the first minute.  And then die again in the same amount of time.  And again, and again and again.  GoNNER from Raw Fury Games defies that expectation and despite the frequent dying, is quite enjoyable.

GoNNER is a 2D platformer with the world generating as you move through it.  In GoNNER you play as the character Ikk who is on a journey to cheer up his best friend, Sally.  Sally happens to be a land-bound space whale who at times appears to fly.  Ikk is looking for a gift for Sally and goes to great lengths to find the perfect one.

GoNNER on NVIDIA SHIELDIn GoNNER, you as Ikk, will battle with countless enemies using a variety of weaponry and power-ups.  When all else fails, you can use the classic, “jump on the head to destroy them” move.  Along the way, there are secret areas to uncover, abilities to unlock, monsters to kill, multiple endings, online leaderboards and more!  But Raw Fury Games hasn’t left it there either, they have committed to more updates with more features coming soon!

GoNNER launched on Steam with positive reviews.  It is now available for the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV on the Google Play Store for $6.69 USD (33% off the regular $9.99).  The game is currently only compatible with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and requires a gamepad controller.  Be sure to check out the launch trailer below.

Play Store Link: GoNNER for NVIDIA SHIELD
Steam Link: GoNNER on Steam
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