Egg Inc. – Finally An Eggcellent Game That Doesn’t Yolk Around

Egg IncOkay, I stayed up all night watching reruns of Teen Titans Go to get some egg puns. I won’t be making any more of them so you can rest easy (over easy even?).  I want to talk today about Egg Inc.  It is an idle tapping game so right off the bat it tells you a big about it. However, unlike games like Tap Titans and Clicker Heroes, Egg Inc has decided to take a different approach.

You are the owner of a farm.  That is about it.  This farm only does one thing and that is producing chickens.  It does so at an alarming rate when you tap the hatchery (which can be upgraded to just press for us lazy folks)  The chickens run into their homes and lay eggs.  That about sums up the entire game. Oh, and you need transportation for the eggs.  As you increase the value of your farm you gain access to a new type of egg and get to scrap your crappy regular egg farm for new Immortality or Fusion eggs.  You also get to be an amateur drone killer as they fly all over your farm, trying to steal secrets? And you get to tap them and bring them down for sweet, sweet cash.

Egg Inc ScreenshotGameplay
Now the first thing I always want to know when playing any new free game is how free is free?  Well with Egg Inc they do have an in-game currency but are VERY generous with gifting it to you via shipping boxes, drone killing, and logins.  You will easily get lots of $s worth of the currency with normal play.  You tap for the chickens to come out and make sure you have the vehicles to haul the eggs.  

There is an upgrade system that is for your current prestige (think play through) and a set of Epic upgrades that are permanent.  This is how you increase your money and chickens. Upgrades that make then lay eggs faster, run to their homes faster, have their homes actual breed chickens, etc.  As you increase in money and size new tiers are open to you.  

Once you have access to a new egg type you take all the work on your current farm and scrap it.  You start a new farm with a new egg that is worth quite  a bit more per egg.  You do this until you hit a ‘wall’ and can’t get to the next step.  Here is where you prestige and start all over again. When you do this you get Soul Eggs which increase you base worth of the egg by 10%. Your first prestige you will get like 30. On your second play through everything is a lot faster.

This game will not be blowing any minds with its graphics. However, it gets the job done and I enjoy that I can actually move the screen unlike Tap Titans and such.

Here is where the idle tap games excel.  Because you are already starting over often it programs you to keep going. You need that immortality egg so that you can heal the world.  With such a simple concept it is easy to pick it up and play it or put it down for a week and pick right back up without missing anything.

Egg Inc ScreenshotVerdict
Eggs Inc is a refreshing new take on a genre that can get a little dull at times.  I have played Tap Titans 2 a lot but it does get a little boring to see the same five bosses and five backgrounds over and over.  With the generous nature of their currency, I would absolutely recommend giving this game a try. You won’t regret it.  Download it here: Egg Inc.