GAMDIAS Hermes E2 – Entry Level Gaming At It’s Best!

GAMDIAS Hermes E2I recently had the opportunity to try the new Hermes E2 from my friends at GAMDIAS.  The E2 is an entry level mechanical TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard.  For my day job, I work in payroll accounting, so I’ve never had a desire to use a TKL keyboard before.  I am constantly using my ten-key to do payroll and keep track of various numbers.  A keyboard without a ten-key wouldn’t make sense for me.  But when GAMDIAS showed me the Hermes E2 and told me how much it cost, I had to give it a go!

The GAMDIAS Hermes E2 comes in at the super low price of $70USD (now on sale for $56)!  For that super low price, you are getting a solid keyboard that performs incredibly well.  The base of the keyboard is a lightweight metal sheet, with a 1.5-meter cord (roughly three feet) coming out of the back.  Atop the metal slab is the sculpted keys.  They are slightly higher than other mechanical keyboards and look like they might be a bit uncomfortable.  However, looks are deceiving.  The raised keys help me to have better posture and are more comfortable in the long run.

GAMDIAS Hermes E2There are six rows of keys and each of them has their own unique light coloring.  Advertising for the keyboard shows it comes with seven colors.  This is a bit misleading as there are only six visible colors.  The seven colors come from the seven colors in the color spectrum.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (or ROY G BIV for short).  But you can only see the six.  You can adjust the brightness of the colors to give you better visibility.  They also come with a breathing mode that causes the lights to fade on and off.

Now since the Hermes E2 is an entry-level keyboard, it doesn’t come with a lot of the extras that other GAMDIAS keyboards come with.  There is no Hera integration, and the features are limited to a WASD/arrow switch, disabling the Windows keys, and the brightness controls.  

Despite the limitations and the missing color, I have really enjoyed using the Hermes E2.  The keys are responsive, they have the right amount of clickety-clack noise, the keyboard as a whole is comfortable and easy to use.  It has taken the place of my old Logitech keyboard and is my primary keyboard on my home computer now.  I still need my ten-key for work, so I am going to keep using my Hermes E1 there.  If you are looking for a good TKL mechanical keyboard, the Hermes E2 is definitely worth checking out!  You can order yours here: GAMDIAS Hermes E2.