Moto 360 2015 Edition Hits FCC?

One of the most remarked on announcements from Motorola’s recent event wasn’t the new Moto X and Moto G but the missing announcement for the rumored Moto 360 2015 edition.

However, yesterday an application was submitted to the FCC that appears to be what we all missed at the event.

There are several indications in the documents indicating a new smart watch is on the way.  Here are some bullet points from what we read.

  • The application cover letter indicates in the subject that the filing is for a “Wrist-worn device, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.”
  • The cover letter also states “This radio product is equipped with a Bluetooth (BT) transceiver. BT supports both voice and data for short range wireless communications.”
  • The label portion of the filing indicates the device will utilize electronic labeling and will be accessed in the same way we use now with Android to get the device ID and such under About Device in Settings.
  • On page 3 of the RF Exposure Test Part 1, section 2.2 has a mock-up of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna on the back of a circular device.
  • Page 6 of the RF Exposure Test Part 1, section 2.4.1 indicates there will be two types of wrist band, “A leather or Rubber wrist band” or “A metal wrist band”.
  • Page 6 of the same document under section 2.4.2 indicates the devices will utilize inductive (wireless) charging.

There is a LOT of other information included in the filing with much of it being way over my head.  Links to the specific mentioned documents as well as the full application are below for those who want to dig deeper.

It this the new version of the Moto 360 that we have been waiting for?


Cover Letter:
Electronic Label:
RF Exposure Test Part 1:
Full Application: