KWORLD S28 Elite Gaming Headphones Review

KWORLD S28 Gaming HeadphonesAbout two weeks ago I was able to get my hands on a pair of KWORLD S28 Gaming Headphones.  Not only did I get my hands on them but they have become my go-to headphones.  I have used them for mobile gaming, for listening to music and I’ve even made a call or two on them.

The first thing that I noticed about the S28 isn’t even the headphones themselves but a cable tie that comes attached to the headphones.  I have a love hate relationship with corded headphones.  The longer cords give me freedom but they always get tangled up when not in use.  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time untangling them than actually using them.  I swear that there are magical headphone gremlins that sneak into my bag tie my headphones in knots!  The S28 comes with a cable tie attached directly to the cord.  It allows you to bundle up the headphones when not in use.  The tie can get in the way and looks a bit odd, but I love it!

KWORLD S28 Gaming HeadphonesThe S28 comes with a pair of memory foam earbuds that do an amazing job of cancelling out outside sounds.  They fit comfortably at first but after an hour or so they began to bother my ears.  I might just have weird ears, but I couldn’t use them for those extended periods.  The headphones came with three standard earbuds in different sizes.  Once I found the right size I had no issues.  The sound cancellation wasn’t as good on the standard ear buds when compared to the memory foam, but they still did a fairly good job.

The headphones also come with removable and interchangeable caps that are somehow supposed to change the sound in some way.  It could be that my ears aren’t attuned to the level of change but I could hear no difference between the two caps.  I even tried removing them and using them at various depths without seeing a noticeable difference.

Another feature I love is the right angle 3.5mm plug.  A lot of headphones stick out and get in the way.  The S28 plugs in to the device and lines up with the side of the device to keep it out-of-the-way.  It works great not only on mobile devices but also on laptops and such.  I use it in my Chromebook and it keeps the plug from sticking out the side and getting caught on things.  The downside to the right angle plug is that it won’t work if you use a bulky case.

KWORLD S28 Gaming HeadphonesThe in-line microphone is not too shabby and when used on phone calls it delivered fairly well.  The in-line feature I enjoyed the most was the independent, sliding volume control.  Gone are the days of listening to music on my phone and pulling it out to change the volume.  Now I set the volume at a good level and control it using the in-line volume control.  The slider is a nice feature as it gives me a finer control than the stock Android volume control does.

Now, the best feature of the headphones.  The sound.  These headphones sounded amazing!  I’m definitely not an expert on sounds.  I couldn’t tell you the difference between a high C or a low G. What I can tell you is that these headphones gave me a fuller sound that far outweighs the quality of my old headphones.  The volume range is impressive with the speakers getting so loud that I couldn’t test them at their highest setting.  When using them while gaming I felt like I was in the game and loved every minute.

All in all, I am very impressed with these headphones.  Like I said at the beginning of the review, these have become my go-to headphones.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of headphones that will work for gaming and daily use.  You can order your KWORLD S28 Elite Gaming Headphones on Amazon for $26.99 here:  KWORLD S28 Elite Gaming Headphones