Apple Quietly Recalling Third-Generation Apple TV

Apple TV In HandApple has recently begun quietly recalling several of it’s third-generation Apple TVs. The recall doesn’t appear to effect every device and isn’t being announced as an official “recall”.  Apple has started sending out notices via email to owners of the Apple TV indicating there are issues with theirs and offering to replace it at no charge.

Upon receiving the email Mitchel Broussard of MacRumors reached out to Apple and confirm its legitimacy.  The response from Apple was, “Hi Mitchel, I understand the concern, Apple typically does not reach out to customers proactively this way.  I just need you to confirm that you have this device and to make sure I have the right shipping address (i see that below). I will then send you a new apple tv, we will email FedEx labels to send back the old one then once we get the old one, we will send you an iTunes gift card for the troubles.”

Apple gives no indication why the devices are being replaced and has yet to issue any public announcements.

Source Link: Cult of Mac