Blackberry Venice – The Keyboard I’ve Been Waiting For?

Yesterday I posted about Samsung’s new keyboard accessory for the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus.  The announcement of the two new devices by Samsung felt lackluster and didn’t have me to excited until I saw the details on the keyboard.  Last night I had almost convinced myself that I was ready to get the Note 5.  Until this morning…  When I woke up this morning I saw that Evan Blass of evleaks had posted some images to Twitter of a new device from Blackberry called “Venice”.

Blackberry Venice #1

Blackberry Venice #2

According to Evan the Venice is headed to all four major US carriers in November.  From the images you can see that it comes with a slider QWERTY keyboard and has rounded edges similar to Samsung’s Edge line of devices.  From the images you can see that it is definitely running Android and the UI seems to be pretty close to Google’s stock UI.

Later in the day Evan decided to throw a little more our way and posted the video below that appears to be a part of an add for the Blackberry Venice.

I know I said I was thinking about the Note 5 but I think I’ve found a reason to maybe hold off a little longer.  I’m excited to see how the Venice turns out!