Fossil Releasing Intel Powered Android Watch!

First, I need to come clean and make a confession.  I like watches.  I don’t just like them though, I love them, I covet them, I want them, I need them and I have WAY too many.  I am on a first name basis with the guy that sells me watch batteries, he loves me because I never buy just one, I come in and get them in bulk.  I’ve always loved my wife and have been convinced from the day I met her that she was the one for me, but I didn’t know for absolutely certain she was the one for me until she gave me a Watch Display Case (fancy speak for a man’s jewelry box…  Yes, I have a man’s jewelry box…).  That day when I started putting those watches into that case I knew that she was THE ONE and that she was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Today at the Intel Developer Forum, Fossil announced a new Intel powered smartwatch.  I got butterflies in my stomach at the announcement!  I have a lot of different watches but my favorite brand has always been Fossil.  This announcement was a dream come true.  I’ve held off on getting a smartwatch because non of them have looked good enough for my collection.  Yes, my collection isn’t that fancy but I do have standards!

Fossil Smart WatchThe details were slim but from the pictures we can see that it looks very similar to the Moto 360.  It has the same round watch face with the little black bar that has come to be known as the “flat tire”.  It also appears to have a standard watch band that allows for the band to be swapped from the factory provided band.  Although the flat tire isn’t optimum I’m hoping Fossil can pull it off by making the rest of the watch nice enough to outshine that little black blob.

Fossil indicated in the preview that the watch would be available in time for the holidays.  They didn’t however give a specific release date or pricing.

So yes, I have a problem.  Have I exaggerated just a titch?  Possibly…  Am I excited?  Most definitely!

What about you guys?

Source Link: Droid Life & Verge