Final Fantasy for Android By Square Enix On Sale Now!

Final Fantasy VI Title & CharactersHi, my name is Roy and I am an unabashed Final Fantasy addict and have been since the days of my old Super Nintendo.  If there was such a thing as Final Fantasy Anonymous I would be there.  I have played Final Fantasy 6 through twice, I clocked 100+ hours on Final Fantasy 7, after beating Final Fantasy 6 the first time I found old copies of Final Fantasy 4 and 5 and played them through, I tried Final Fantasy 8 and despite the awfulness of the game stuck through the first disc before calling it quits and so on.

I have since grown up and moved on from the days where I could spend all 24 hours playing games and now have a wife, children, a full time job and several side jobs.  This transition into adulthood began at least a decade ago and resulted in Final Fantasy 8 being my last Final Fantasy to last more than a few hours.

Then something happened.  My two year old son found my box with my old Playstation and found one of the game guides I had stashed in there.  He started looking through it and asked me to read it to him because it had cool pictures.  Needless to say he was not interested in the game guide and asked me to tell him stories about the pictures instead.  I found the loophole I needed to escape from adulthood and introduced my son to the world of Final Fantasy.

We started with Final Fantasy 4 on Android and so began many hours of sitting on the couch together until we beat it.  And I do mean we!  He controlled the game and got to move the characters around the screen for at least half the time we played.  Fortunately my wife is very understanding and once our chores were done she went so far as to allow us to purchase the next Final Fantasy on Android.

My son is now almost six and we have beaten every version available on Android (with the exception of Tactics).

Thus it was with great joy I read online that Square Enix was discounting all their Final Fantasy titles!  Only to find I had already purchased every one of them…

But don’t let that stop you!  Get out there, relive your childhood and don’t forget to convert your children while you’re at it!

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI

Other Square Enix titles are also on sale and can be found here: Square Enix Play Store Listings

But don’t worry about us!  We won’t be left without a game to play together, my good friend hooked me up with a PS Vita and Final Fantasy 10.  We’re an hour in and already having a blast!


Final Fantasy VI Battle