Final Fantasy 9 Coming to Android in 2016!

Final Fantasy 9I have had the joy of playing just about every Final Fantasy game published from the beginning of time up until the original PlayStation.  It was when my PlayStation died and I couldn’t afford a PlayStation 2 that I decided to swear off Final Fantasy for a little while.  When Square Enix started releasing Final Fantasy titles to Android I returned to my former addiction and have been unable to give it up.  During my sabbatical I still dabbled from time to time using systems that belonged to friends or when I saw a demo in a store.  About the only Final Fantasy game I have never tried is Final Fantasy 9 and it is one I have wanted to try for a long time.

Earlier this month Square Enix announced that I would soon be able to try it on Android.  With all things Final Fantasy “soon” is a relative word and could mean next week or sometime this year.

Final Fantasy 9 features what some have called one of the greatest casts of characters in a Final Fantasy game.  The trailer below doesn’t have a lot of details beyond the cut scenes and a brief view of the fighting system but it still has me pretty excited.

The one really big downside to the announcement was the fact that Square Enix still hasn’t released Final Fantasy 7 to Android.  Here is hoping that they get their act together and get it released before 9 so that I can play them in order!  Although truthfully there is no reason to play them in order and I have no problem skipping 8, I just want my 7…

Source Link: The Verge

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