Nibblers – Rovio Branches Out From Angry Birds Again

Nibblers by RovioA lot has been said over the last several days about Rovio branching out of the Angry Birds genre and trying something new with Nibblers.  Nibblers is a puzzle game with fruit and odd aquatic animals in what is essentially yet another Candy Crush knock-off.

I attempted to play the game and found myself impressed with the characters and the graphics but in what appears to be the new Rovio method, I lost interest rather quickly.  The game is free but as with all things Rovio, Nibblers comes with in-app purchases.

What surprises me most about this is that most everyone is emphasizing the fact that this is a new move for Rovio and that this is a first ever attempt by Rovio to try something new.  There have been many other games from Rovio that most people have never heard of and that haven’t had any major success.  There was Amazing Alex (which seems to have disappeared from the Play Store), Jolly Jam, Sky Punks, Retry, Plunder Pirates, Juice Cubes and Tiny Thief.  That’s not even all the games they list on their site!  At least two of these games are very similar to their new Nibblers game.

I’m all for trying new things but Rovio seems to be grasping at straws.  Rather than shotgunning and trying to come up with something maybe they should focus on taking Angry Birds to the next level?  Angry Birds has a proven success record but Rovio hasn’t done anything significantly new with it for some time, it is just the same thing over and over and over again.  Rather than watering down the Rovio name it would be best for them to clean up their old titles, focus on one or two major titles and then work on improving them rather than reusing the same old thing every time.

Play Store Link: Nibblers