NVIDIA Recalling 500GB Shield Pro Due To Hard Drive Failure

NVIDIA SHIELD ProNVIDIA recently had to recall more than 80,000 Shield tablets due to a fire hazard related to the battery in some units.  Unfortunately they are now being hit with another recall.  This time the recall is for select units of the Shield Pro that are affected by hard drive failures which could lead to the device becoming inoperable.

This is not a mass recall as it was with the tablet but NVIDIA is instead asking those who are affected to contact them and request a replacement.  At that point an RMA will be issued and they will ship you the replacement unit.  I imagine it will be much like the tablet recall and will go pretty smoothly.

In their official post on their forums NVIDIA provides a few directions on how to determine if your Shield Pro needs to be replaced.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, please apply for a replacement (RMA):
1) Fastboot menu appears during Upgrade 1.4 (even if system recovers after a system reboot you should get a replacement).
2) Severe and persistent pixilation in all tiles of the top row of the Android TV home screen (text in tiles will be unreadable and does not become clear after a few seconds).

If your Shield Pro meets either of the following symptoms we’d recommend reading up on the rest of the FAQ (with details on how to contact them for the RMA) at the NVIDIA Forums.

Source Link: NVIDIA Forums