Pokemon Go – Pokemon Meets Ingress

Pokemon - Ash KetchumMany of us remember those years gone by where we snuck our Game Boy to school or stayed up late, hiding under the covers so our parents wouldn’t find us, all to catch and train the most powerful Pokemon.  We remember the day when through trading or cheating we finally caught all 151 Pokemon (or more depending on when you came into the Pokemon genre).  We remember when the Pokemon Trading Card game was released and the never-ending search for the elusive and extremely rare Charizard.

Through the years Pokemon has had an enduring presence, I remember when I was a young preteen and it first came to the United States and now some twenty years later my son has caught the bug and is beginning to become interested in it.

Now Pokemon is ready to take on a new generation with a mobile version of it being developed by Niantic, the company behind the globe-trotting Ingress.  Similar to Ingress the game uses your GPS to determine your location to allow you to track down Pokemon and then battle and or collect them.
Although details on the game are sparse we have been told that there will be a wearable device that, although not required, will enhance the game play to some degree.  The wearable will be called the Pokemon Go Plus and will allow players to receive notifications from the game and with the press of a button to catch nearby Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Plus

Check out the video below for more details and to “see” the game in action.  Gotta catch ’em all!

Source Link: Ars Technica