Big Android BBQ 2016 – Farewell and Adieu!

Big Android BBQ 2016It was another great year in Hurst Texas.  Hurst is not a city that is well-known or famous.  But, to many in the Android community it meant something special.  Hurst is the home of the Big Android BBQ and it was the place to go for hardcore fans and enthusiasts.  Every year in October we flood through the gates of the Dallas Fort Worth and Love Field airports on our way to the Big Android BBQ.  This year was no different but unfortunately it will be the last.

The Big Android BBQ began in 2010 as the dream of Aaron Kasten.  He wanted to create a venue for sponsors and attendees to gather together and share their love of Android.  He was successful.  The BBQ brought together people who never would have met in person and gave them the opportunity to mingle and learn more about Android.  It was a great networking event and an awesome place to see new things.

The BBQ turned in to more than that though.  I spent some time talking to Mickie, one of the event coordinators and she summed it up perfectly. “The BBQ isn’t about the event any more, it’s a family reunion.”  I agree with her 100%.  Many people I saw came not for the sponsors, the booths or the giveaways.  They came to be with their Android family.

I was only able to attend this year and last but I will always have a fond spot for the Big Android BBQ.  It is because of the BBQ that I was able to make many new friends last year.  I have been fortunate enough to have stayed in contact with almost all of them.  The BBQ gave me opportunities I never thought I would have and I for one will miss it.  Aaron, thank you for the Big Android BBQ and for letting us be a part of your dream.  The Big Android BBQ will be missed!