Google Play Store Cyber Weekend Deals

Google Play Store - Cyber WeekendI remember the time when Thanksgiving was all about family and friends.  About spending quality time with those you loved and stuffing yourself with good food in a show of gratitude for the things you had been blessed with.  One of the time honored traditions that has grown out of Thanksgiving is that of Black Friday, and then Cyber Monday, and then Extended Black Friday and then Cyber Week and Cyber Weekend.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, Thanksgiving is the spot on the calendar where everything goes on sale.

Many of those things on sale are really the same price they have been all year, they just mark up the price $39.99 and then take $40.00 off of that price.  Many of the items on sale are subpar versions of their normal retail versions.  There are good deals mixed in but it seems like more and more often there is a catch.

The good news is that Google has partnered with several developers and are putting together a group of Cyber Weekend deals that aren’t half bad.  There are deals on apps, games, movies, music and more!

Some of the best deals are those on the Final Fantasy titles.  All Final Fantasy games are currently 50% off!  I wish Square Enix would get their acts together and get Final Fantasy 7 on Android…

Get over there quick and check out the deals before they go away.

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