Andy Rubin Rumored To Be Getting Back Into The Android World

Andy RubinAnybody who has followed Android for any amount of time knows who Andy Rubin is.  For those of us who don’t know who he is, or for those who need a refresher course, Andy is one of the co-founders of Android and arguably the most famous of the group.

Andy has a long history of being involved with tech companies and has worked for Apple, Microsoft and Google.  After his company, Android Inc, was bought by Google he was left in charge of the Android operating system as the Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content.  In March of 2013 he moved on to other projects and in October of 2014 he left Google completely.

A recent report from The Information indicates that Andy is looking at coming back into the Android world.  He would not be focusing on the Android operating system but he would be focusing on developing a new Android device(s).

Andy RubinI do believe that we should be cautious and not read too much in to this rumor.  Andy is what many people refer to as a “serial entrepreneur”.  He moves from one project to another and focuses on getting them off the ground and stable before he moves on to a new project.  He recently was part of the launch of a company, Playground Global LLC, that provides support and advice to tech startup companies.  He can now focus on what he does best and help these startups get going and he won’t have to jump ship to start other projects.  He now can wait for the projects to come to him and he will help accelerate those projects to a successful level.

The Android market is a big market and has lots of room for more quality devices.  With Andy’s history we can rest assured that whatever it is he attaches his name to will be quality.  I can’t wait to see if the rumors are true and if they prove to be true, I can’t wait to see what he delivers!

Source Links: Verge | Engadget