Google Giving Away $20 Best Buy Gift Cards For Using Android Pay

Android Pay LogoGoogle is at it again and is giving away almost free money!  Users of Android Pay who use it before December 31st will receive a $20 Best Buy gift card.  The offer is limited to users in the USA and there is no minimum amount that needs to be spent in order to qualify for the gift card.  Once you have made your purchase the $20 gift card will be added to your Android Pay account.

For those of you who haven’t used Android Pay yet I would encourage you to get it setup and give it a shot.  It is the fastest and most convenient payment method I have ever used.  With cash you have to wait for the cashier to count out your change, with a credit card you have to wait for the transaction to process, with Android Pay it was almost instantaneous each time I’ve used it.  Not only is it fast but people are still amazed whenever I use it and it gives me the chance to feel like one of the cool kids I never was in high school.

The one big caveat to Android Pay is that generally individuals who have rooted their phones can’t use it.  There have been several recent changes to a SuperSU and the new systemless root that Chainfire developed that have allowed the use of Android Pay even when rooted.  I am currently running a stock ROM on my Nexus 5X that I rooted with Chainfire’s SuperSU v2.60 and have been able to use Android Pay twice with no issues.  No guarantees that this method will work for you but if you want to give it a shot unroot your device and then flash the SuperSU v2.60 ZIP through your custom recovery and then try to add a card to Android Pay.  Some users have indicated that SuperSU v2.61 also works but I have not personally tested it yet.

Source Link: Android Police