Pokemon Go Rolling Out Now (Sort Of…)

Pokemon Go

Last night, Pokémon Go became available on the Google Play Store, but only in specific countries.  So far it is available in Australia and New Zealand.  Unfortunately, it is not available in my home country, the United States of America.  I checked several times but to my disappointment it never showed up as being available.

There are several services that allow you to download the installation files from the Google Play Store by acting as a device within a given country.  The downside to these services is the abysmal download speeds.  I took advantage of one of those services and now have Pokémon Go on my Nexus 6P!  I’ll have a full review coming soon but my first impressions are positive.

Now, before you go and try one of these services be forewarned, there are rumors floating around that installing the game when your country is not on the available list may lead to you being banned.  I’m not sure where those rumors came from but personally I find it unlikely to happen.  My personal feelings aside it is worth taking note of and practicing some caution.

If the game isn’t available where you live and you want to bypass the slow download speeds you can find the apk install file on our sister site, rwilco12.com.

Play Store Link: Pokémon Go 
Alternate Download Link: Pokémon Go