Shedun – The Adware That Installs Itself Even When You Say No


The world of mobile technology can be a scary world.  Recently we’ve seen all sorts of news related to different mobile security threats.  We’ve seen everything from Stagefright, to malware apps that are capable of rooting your device, and even apps that run in the background to listen for specific sounds as a cue and then report your mobile usage back to their creators.  Now we can add a form of adware, known as Shedun, that will install it to your device even when you explicitly say not to.

Shedun is different from many of the other security risks in that it doesn’t utilize any exploits to pull off the infection, it uses the Android Accessibility Service to do it.  The Android Accessibility Service allows Android to interact with apps on behalf of those who are visually impaired.  Shedun takes advantage of this and utilizes the service to “force” clicks on the prompts that it needs in order to install its adware payload.

The good news is that most people won’t be impacted by this new form of adware.  Shedun currently has only been found packaged in apps that have come from sources other than the Google Play Store, most of them related to piracy.  The best practice to protect yourself from apps like Shedun is to be honest, pay for the apps you use, and to get them from a reputable source.

Check out the video below to see Shedun in action!

Source Link: Ars Technica | Lookout