BATTOP Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

BATTOP Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardHoly cow! I have never felt the need for a Bluetooth keyboard before but the BATTOP Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard has made me change my mind!

The keyboard comes in a nice box with directions, a warranty card, a micro USB charging cable and the keyboard. The directions are well written but unnecessary. The keyboard was so easy to get setup that I didn’t need to read the directions. The warranty indicates the device comes with a standard 60 day manufacturer’s warranty but also comes with an offer for a free upgrade to a one year warranty. To claim the one year warranty you need to leave a review on Amazon (doesn’t even have to be a good one!) and then send an email to BATTOP, they will then give you the full year warranty.

When I first received the package I was worried that they somehow sent me an empty box. The keyboard was so light it barely felt heavier than the cardboard box it came in!

The keyboard was very easy to use and paired with my Nexus 5X, my Nvidia Shield Tablet and my Samsung Galaxy S5 super quickly. It worked without having to tweak any settings on any of the devices. The keyboard was extremely responsive and there was no delay while I was typing. The touchpad does work with Android and acts as a mouse would in Windows, a mouse cursor (the little arrow thingie) pops up on your screen and you use it the same way you would a touchpad on a laptop.

The stand for the devices is very handy and tucks right into the back of the device. You flip a switch and they pop out. They actually pop out super fast and are kind of like miniature switchblades. The little boy in me couldn’t help flipping them out about a dozen times…

The keyboard itself was very well put together and the keys are far enough apart where I didn’t find myself fat fingering the wrong key all that often. It was just the right size and the keys felt sturdy enough under my fingers.

My only two complaints are about the power button and the bottom of the keyboard. I’m not a fan of the power button as it is in a recess and is quite deep. Anyone with big fingers may struggle to turn the keyboard on. The issue with the bottom is that it is very slick. It has two rubber feet that are supposed to help it stay in place but I struggled to have it work on any surface.

Despite the two complaints I am still giving this keyboard five stars. The two complaints are both minor issues that can be resolved with a pen or some double-sided tape. The benefits of the keyboard far outweigh these two complaints so this keyboard deserves the bonus points.

If you are interested in getting one of these for yourself you can get it here:

Be sure to check out the video below if you want to see the device in action.

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