Kindle E-Readers Receiving Much Needed Update!

Amazon Kindle New Home ScreenIn a move that is surprising many, Amazon is releasing an update to almost their entire Kindle e-reader line of devices.

The update has many new features starting with a new personalized home screen.  The new home screen looks at what you are reading and the books you have read most recently in the top left corner of the screen.  It will also include a section titled, “My Reading Lists” that covers the books in your Amazon Wish List, book samples and books from your Goodreads Want to Read shelf (if you are a Goodreads member).

In typical Amazon fashion they not only want to give you a good device, they want to sell you more.  Amazon’s primary business is after all, selling things.  Similar to what is already in the Kindle app, there will be a new section titled “Recommend For You”.  It will be a rotating carousel of recommendations from Amazon with a list of books you might be interested in purchasing and then reading.

There are several other features that they’ve added that make the device easier to use and make it easier to share what you are reading with your friends.

The update will be coming to the following devices: Kindle Paperwhite (2013 and 2015), Kindle (2014), and Kindle Voyage (2014).

All in all its a good move by Amazon showing support for those who still use their e-readers.  I will hopefully be downloading the update to my wife’s Kindle tonight!  Thanks Amazon!

Source Link: Amazon