Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer Review

Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer- Close Up
Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer – Close Up

I don’t give presentations too often, but if I was going to, I would definitely incorporate the Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer into the presentation. This device is compact, easy to use, and can help make you look at the top of your game, instead of fumbling around to control the presentation.

Despite the instructions only including steps for setup with Microsoft, Apple, and iOs, I was able to easily connect the pointer to my Android devices and Chromebook without any issues. Included in the package is a very short USB cable to use for recharging the device, as well as a nice little storage pouch that fits both the pointer and cable.

There are a few buttons on the pointer, but they are easy to figure out. Once for using the laser pointer (which has a great strength and distance), one for forwarding slides, one for backing up, one for starting the presentation in the first place, and one to present just a black screen. The buttons were responsive and the action was reflected on the screen immediately.

I would highly recommend this pointer whether you give tons of presentations or only 1  or 2. The current price on Amazon is extremely reasonable.

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