Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Now On Android!

Pokemon Trading Card Game on AndroidWith all the news recently about Pokémon Go there is a small piece of news that hasn’t been covered as much as it deserves.  The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online was originally released in 2011.  It was released as an app for the iPad in 2014 and is finally making its way to Android.

Yesterday, the Pokémon Company released Pokémon Trading Card Game Online to the Google Play Store.  It is in beta status so if you want to get it from the Play Store you have to register as a beta tester.  It is also technically limited to tablets.  I went ahead and signed up for the beta, downloaded it to my Nvidia Shield and started reliving my preteen years.

Pokemon Trading Card Game OnlineNot counting the times I tried to teach my three boys how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, I haven’t really played the game in almost 20 years as I have been busy in dealing with bitcoin digital currency and learning how to earn profit from them.  I never played the online version and was entering what I was expecting to be a brand new world.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite the 20 years and the difference in formats the game was pretty close to what I remembered.  When I left the game there were barely more than 150 Pokémon but apparently they’ve gone from that to more than 700!  So there was still a bit of catching up to do.

For a beta version of the game it was remarkably well done and I had no issues running the game.  The game play was straight forward and accompanied with some quick tutorials and directions.  At this point I’ve committed about two hours to the game and have really enjoyed it.  I haven’t gotten that far but have beaten a few trainers, even though I lost more than I won…  It wasn’t fun to lose but it was still fun to play!

For those of you who want to relive your younger days, those who are still in their young days and for those who just can’t let them go, here’s the link to the Beta application: Trading Card Game Online.

And for those of you who don’t have a tablet, rumor has it that we might be doing a video on how to get it on any Android device here soon…  🙂

UPDATE: Here’s the video!

UPDATE 2: Here’s a link to the install files (be sure to use the latest version)!

Source Link: Pokemon.com | Google Play Store