Caseco SONO Earbud Review

Caseco SONO EarbudsI just received a pair of the Caseco Sono Earbuds to play around with. Going in I had no real expectations, one way or the other, with these buds.

Packaging was minimal and easy to open, which is always a plus as I can’t stand those blister pack type packaging. Included in the package were some space age shaped earbuds as well as a package of various sized replacement earbuds. The build of these seemed a little on the cheaper side, especially given the price point.

The fit, regardless of the buds I used, was good, but not tight enough to be noise cancelling. Along the wire was a single button control and slider volume control, as well as an inline mic. I was able to get the songs to stop, start, advance to next, and answer/hangup calls using the single button. The volume control was a nice feature, however it actually does not change the volume level on the device you are using, it seems to throttle the volume coming through the wires.

The quality for music was ok, but a bit on the tinny side with very little bass. However, during a phone call the quality was crisp and clear and the microphone seemed to give quality sound to the person on the other end.

Overall, these are decent headphones for using at the beach, or when you don’t need the perfect, 100% fit headphones around.

You can pick one up on at the Caseco website here.

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