Google Play Store Officially Coming To ChromeBooks!

Google Play Store on Chrome OSChromebooks are an awesome product that don’t get as much of the limelight as they deserve.  In the beginning they were over-glorified web browsers.  They could open Chrome and visit any web page they wanted.  As time moved on they become more and more functional, they still ran Chrome OS but Google, and other enterprising developers, began to add features to Chrome OS.  They added a variety of apps, built-in anti-virus, automatic updates and more.

Despite these advances they were often limited by their access to the internet.  If a Chromebook didn’t have an internet connection there wasn’t a lot that it could do.  Today, Google announced that the Google Play Store would be coming to Chrome OS.  This means that your Chromebook could now have the ability to become more than a fancy internet browser and can become a full on Android device.  You will be able to download just about anything you can find on the Play Store and use it on your Chromebook.  You’ll be able to play games, work in your favorite text editor, browse and edit media files, and so much more!

One of my favorite flavors of Android now is RemixOS.  Although it doesn’t come with the Play Store, it is relatively easy to get the Play Store installed on it.  RemixOS is built on Android and comes with many of the features of Chrome OS and Windows and is a few steps ahead of Chrome OS.  Chrome OS isn’t far behind though and I can’t wait to see where Google takes it!

The Play Store won’t be available on all Chromebooks right away but will be going out to select devices in June.

Source Link: Chrome Blog