The Uncertain – Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day

The UncertainI started playing The Uncertain – Episode 1: The Last Quiet Day three weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop.  I like to think it is because the game is so much fun but my wife tells me it is because I stink.  Either way, this game is immensely fun and I have enjoyed it very much!

The Uncertain takes place in the distant future, where humans are now extinct.  Robots are now the dominant “species” on Earth and have become its caretakers.  The robots were created by the secretive USS Corporation who oversees everything.

You play as Android Model RT-217NP, or RT for short.  RT is a skilled electrician and inventor.  He spends his time scavenging through what humans have left for parts and ideas.  Through RT’s journeys he has become curious about humans.  He begins to wonder what happened to them.  Forbidden by the USS Corporation to study humans, and he is unable to pursue his interests further.  However, RT’s life takes a drastic change when a shuttle carrying a mysterious cargo crash lands in front of his home.

The Uncertain is a fun game that allows you to see humanity from a different perspective.  RT takes you on a journey through a variety of locales in his quest to save humanity.  You will have a variety of puzzles to solve, choices to make and mysteries to uncover.  Every choice you make impacts the game and its outcome.  At times the game can feel a little bit slow.  But the mystery, the intrigue and the puzzles kept me engrossed for hours!

The Uncertain is available on the Google Play Store for $9.99 and is playable on the NVIDIA SHIELD.

Play Store Link: The Uncertain