ZTE’s Axon 7 Updated To Build B27

Axon 7Just the other day, ZTE started pushing out an update to the Axon 7, bumping the version from B20 to B27. This is the second update since the phone’s release July 27th.  ZTE is showing they are trying to stay on top of things this go around. While ZTE employees have acknowledged that many users dislike the lock screen notification bell, it was not addressed in B27. On the bright side, signal, battery life, and security all received enhancements.  There were also several smaller bug fixes were all included with the update. While not listed, the fingerprint scanner is noticeably faster now.

From the ZTE forums, here is the breakdown of what’s addressed in B27:
1. Group text messaging feature added
2. Android security patches updated through September 1st, including the infamous Qualcomm Quadrooter flaws
3. RF performance and signal bar indicator optimization
4. New “Fast battery drain apps” feature to identify apps that are sucking the most battery
5. Overall battery life optimization
6. Camera improvements, including general focus enhancements
7. Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes

If you have not received the OTA (Over The Air) update yet, go open the settings app and select update.  You should see the update as available.

It’s also worth noting, that in the ZTE forums and blog postings, they have mentioned that the Android Nougat update for the Axon 7 is in progress and “Coming Soon.” They’ve even gone so far as, to say “As we committed to updating the Axon 7 to the most current version of Android, let’s just say I’ve seen some Nougat crumbles around the office lately.” (http://blog.zteusa.com/axon-7-update-available-today/)

We’ve also seen mention that ZTE is working with Cyanogen.  They are providing Cyanogen with the resources needed to develop for the Axon 7. This is great news for the rooting community!  I have not seen a manufacturer on ZTE’s scale help with custom software like this. (https://community.zteusa.com/message/53450#comment-53450)

Here’s to hoping ZTE is able to push out a solid Nougat build relatively soon.  Google is rumored to be releasing announcing new devices October 4th. The Axon 7 is advertised as the first Daydream ready phone, which will likely be announced on the 4th.

This dedication to the Axon 7 that ZTE is showing is one more reason I love my Axon 7.  Check out our full review of the Axon 7 here.

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