DJI Spark – Is It Worth It?

DJi SparkI’ve really wanted a good drone for some time now.  I’ve dabbled with all the cheaper ones and even thought I had found the right drone for me.  Until it crashed in a tree…  Fast forward about a year and my wife can’t figure out what to get me for Christmas.  Amazon is doing a sale on the DJI Spark and she asks me if I want it.  I watched several reviews, read up on it, and then we pulled the trigger.  A few days later, my drone arrived!  And my amazing wife let me have it a full two weeks before Christmas!  I have played with it almost every day and have loved every minute of it! 

My biggest reason for never getting a DJI drone was quite simply, the cost.  I didn’t have a thousand dollars to drop on a toy.  The Spark is DJi’s entry-level drone and is the cheapest of the bunch.  It comes in at around $500.  It’s cheaper than their other drones, but that is still quite expensive!  Once I got it and started playing with it I began to understand why there was such a big price difference between it and all my earlier drones.  They were toys.  This is a tool (that also makes a fun toy).

The DJI Spark comes in a barebones package, and at times it feels like DJI is nickel and diming you.  That $500 gets you the drone and one battery.  Yes, the drone can be flown with gesture control, or with your mobile device.  Let me stop you right there though.  Don’t.  Gesture control is awesome, but it’s really just a gimmick.  Controlling it with your phone?  It’s doable, but it really limits what you can do with the drone and makes it a lot less enjoyable.  To really enjoy the drone, you need the Remote Control.  With the controller, you can enjoy a range of 1.2 miles and can take the drone up to speeds of 30 MPH!  Without it, your range and speed are both limited.

DJI SparkAs a tool, the Spark can be used in a lot of practical applications. It can be used to survey a construction site, you can use it to check your roof for damage after a big storm, with its built-in gimbal, it can be used both for shooting video and taking pictures and those are just some of the more basic applications.

The Spark has a lot of great features and I feel like I’m finding a new one every time I use it.  Honestly, I just enjoy flying it around and even though it was a lot more than I wanted to spend, it has been totally worth it for me.

Do I recommend getting the Spark?  If you have the money to spend and you’re into drones, I would tell you to go for it.  If it’s going to sit on a shelf in your closet and not get used?  I would say save your money.  But I still think you should get it, just be sure to get out and use it more!  Down below, we’ll have a link to where you can order your DJI Spark, and a few accessories we’ve found helpful.

DJI Spark:
DJI Spark Remote Controller:
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USB-C OTG Cable (for USB-C phones):
Micro USB OTG Cable (for Micro USB phones):
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