Auralux Constellations – My Latest Addiction

Auralux: ConstellationsNot too long ago my friend Jordan introduced me to the game Auralux Constellations (also known as Auralux 2).  Auralux Constellations is insanely addictive and even more fun.  I began playing it and never stopped.

Auralux Constellations is a simple real-time strategy game.  In the game, you start with a single planet under your control.  The planet comes pre-populated with units that look like a glowing ball of energy.  You then choose to use those units to take over other planets, upgrade your planet or to start a war with your opponents.

The game plays best on phones and tablets.  But if you own a NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV you can install it there for some extra benefits.  On the SHIELD TV, you will get access to more levels and improved graphics.

Auralux: Constellations - SupernovaThe game’s controls are very basic.  You select an area with units you want to move and then select where you want them to go.  Although the game is playable on the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, I found that the improved graphics weren’t enough of a draw for me to keep playing it there.  The game’s controls work far better with a mouse or with a touchscreen device than with a controller and TV.  I did find that the perfect device to play on was my SHIELD Tablet.  It doesn’t get the same enhanced graphics as the TV but the screen is the right size and the device has the right specs to allow me to really enjoy the game.

In the game, there are several areas, known as constellations.  Each constellation consists of multiple stars.  These stars are the levels you need to beat to complete the constellation.  Each constellation has a new dynamic that makes it unique from the other constellations.  It could be moving planets, supernovas, worm holes and more.  You are free to move between constellations but to progress within the constellation, you have to beat each level.

Auralux: Constellations - SupernovaAuralux Constellation is free on the Google Play Store.  You are given the full first constellation and then one or two levels in all the other constellations.  The game comes with in-app purchases that allow you to unlock other constellations.  I enjoyed the first several levels so much that I bought the full package for $9.99.  I haven’t looked back and I’m still loving the game!

Be sure to hit the download link below and try out Auralux Constellations yourself!

Download Link: Auralux Constellations