The Best Wireless Sport Headphones?

Choetech Headphones (BH-001 & BH-003)

I’m not a very sporty guy but I do get up and move around from time to time.  When I do, I like to have something to listen to.  Depending on the day and my mood, I may be listening to some classical Pachelbel, some Lionel Richie ballads, maybe a little Lindsey Stirling and sometimes I’ll even throw in some Metallica or Aerosmith. Despite my library’s eclectic nature, I can assure you I don’t ever listen to Nickelback.  Never…  Really!  I don’t!

The important thing for me isn’t always what I’m listening to, but how I listen to it.  If I’m mowing the lawn I can’t have the lawn mower drowning out Deep Blue Something’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  If I’m working out (as rare as that is) I can’t have my headphones falling out right as Iron Maiden takes off in Aces High.  And I surely can’t have my battery running out in the middle of REO Speedwagon when I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore!  Lucky for me, I have found two sets of headphones that do the job amazingly well!

Choetech BH-001 Bluetooth HeadphonesBoth headsets are made by the company Choetech.  The first is the BH-001 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone.  These headphones are intense!  They come with an insane IPX5 rating.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the IP system, the last number indicates the level of water resistance that a device has.  The 5 means that the BH-001 can withstand a sustained jet of water for at least three minutes. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t sweat anything like that!  That IPX5 rating means you can, in theory, wear these in a rain storm, in the shower, or when getting sprayed down with a hose.   

The BH-001 comes with some fairly decent sound quality and a bass boost system.  The audio was clear at the lowest and the highest levels.  Not only was the audio clear, the headphones block out almost all other noise!  I can be listening to music and not even hear myself sing!  My wife would tell you that is a blessing in and of itself!

Choetech BH-003 Bluetooth HeadphonesThe second headset was the BH-003 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone.  These headphones come in a slightly smaller package than the BH-001 but don’t let that fool you!  These are some awesome headphones too!  They come with the same IPX5 rating and a lot of the other same features.

The audio quality on the BH-003 is a little bit lower than the BH-001 but not by much.  The biggest area where I heard a difference was with the bass.  However, I found that the bass was at the right levels for me.  I don’t mind bass but it isn’t something I look for in a headset.  I prefer clear and crisp audio to a booming bass.  The BH-001 delivered exactly what I was looking for.

Both sets of headphones come with multiple ear buds and can fit just about any ear size.  They both feature a behind the neck cord that connects both sides of the headphones.  The BH-001 and BH-003 both sit comfortably in the ear or hanging from your neck when not in use.

If I was forced to pick between the two headphones I would say that the BH-003 is my favorite.  It is a very tough choice, though.  Both headphones are jam-packed with awesomeness and sound great in any situation.  I found myself leaning towards the BH-003 because they have a slightly lower profile and fit a little more snugly in my ear.  

Either way, both are great headphones and they both have my recommendation.  If you want some more information or want to see them up close check out the two videos below.

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