Ballistic Tough Jacket Case for the Galaxy Note 7 Review

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case for the Galaxy Note 7First and foremost, we would like to remind our readers that Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7.  This case review was in the works prior to the recall and is being posted for those who are holding on to their Note 7’s despite the recall.

The Touch Jacket case by Ballistic for the Galaxy Note 7 is a very well made case.  It combines the sturdiness I have come to expect in a case with the flexibility and grip I didn’t know I wanted.

When this case is not in use or you are using it for the first time it is very much two parts and not one.  The rubber insert that backs the phone and extends to the top and bottom is in no way attached to the hard exterior.  That can make putting it on a little challenging at first as the two pieces don’t always want to work together.  Once you get them the case on and them in the right place it is awesome!

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case for the Galaxy Note 7I have a screen protector on my phone and with the rubber being well rubber I was able to put on the case without disturbing my screen protector.  This meant that I no longer had to choose between a case and a screen protector.  The rubber also added much needed grip to a phone that was rather slippery without a case.  I did not know I needed it but I found myself gripping the rubber naturally and it felt more secure.  Now there are a few downsides to the rubber however and the first being that it attracts lint like you wouldn’t believe.  In no time at all it was no longer pristine and shiny.  With the rubber not connected you could wash it and make it look new if you wanted.  The other issue that I found was that when trying to insert or remove my phone from my pocket the rubber added a bit of drag and made both harder than normal.  I know both these are quite small gripes about the case but it was all I found wrong.

It is a great case when it is on your phone and I would definitely recommend the Ballistic Tough Jacket case for someone looking for a protective case. And if you’re like me, a case that will help you drop your phone less.

Holding on to your Note 7 and looking for a good case?  Order the Tough Jacket from Amazon today: Ballistic Case Tough Jacket Case for Galaxy Note 7