Amazon Free App of the Day No Longer Available

Amazon App Store LogoEarlier today Jarrett Tennis of GadgtSpot posted an article titled “Amazon Quietly Kills Free App Of The Day Program”.

The Amazon App Store has been around for close to four years now with their Free App of the Day being a big method of driving traffic to their App Store.  The Free App of the Day spawned a phenomenon with apps and social media accounts dedicated to letting people know what apps were being offered and tracking their history.

Beyond the Free App of the Day I personally never used the Amazon App Store much.  I only installed it to get a free version of Splashtop Remote Desktop HD way back in the day.  From that time that I got Splashtop there have been a few hits in the list but normally the offerings aren’t all that great.

Jarrett attempted to check for a free app on the Amazon app and noticed that it was missing.  I have replicated his findings both on mobile and the Amazon web portal.

Jarrett reached out to Amazon Customer Support and was told, “I’m sorry; the Amazon Appstore is no longer offering a Free App of the Day. The feature is no longer available.  However, you can still find free applications within the Amazon Appstore by viewing the “Top Free” apps, as well as by filtering your search results to “Free” apps.  We hope to see you again soon.”

It’s unfortunate to see one of the unique offerings from Amazon being killed off.  It will be interesting to see what kind of effect this has on Amazon and whether or not they will lose traffic to their App Store because of it.

Source Link: GadgtSpot

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