Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model Coming Soon (Japan Only)!

Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model

As a young boy growing up in Japan I was introduced to manga very early on.  I remember going to the stores off base and spending hours perusing the manga novels.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, manga is a Japanese comic book directed at adults.  But they are much more than a comic book and many consider it a form of art.  Granted, every adult tells themselves that the comic books they read are an art form…

As I grew older, I grew bored with just looking at pictures.  I eventually moved on to books that I could read (I never learned to read Japanese).  Although I don’t read them like I did back then, I still pick them up from time to time (with the English translations).  And when I do, I still enjoy them.

One area that Japan has struggled in, is converting from physical manga books to e-books.  By its nature a manga novel contains a lot of pictures, and pictures take up a lot of storage space on an e-reader.  Today Amazon made it a lot easier to convert people to e-readers by releasing a new Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite Manga ModelThe new Kindle is an upgraded Kindle Paperwhite that comes with 32GB of storage.  The standard version comes with just 4GB.  This upgrade in storage space will allow the user to store up to 700 comic books and thousands of regular books.

Currently the Manga Model is a region exclusive and is limited to Japan.  It will be available as of October 21st.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan and are an Amazon Prime member, you can get the Manga Model for ¥12,280 (around $118 USD).  If you aren’t a Prime member you can get it for ¥16,280 ($157 USD).

Source: Amazon