Beoplay H3: The earbuds that are trying to convert me!

Beoplay H3 EarbudsTo start I am not an audiophile by any means but I do love listening to music.  My choices in music are quite varied. And include everything from Rock to Pop, Musicals to Alternative and everything in between (except Country). So when it comes to testing out headphones I should be able to tell a good one from a bad one.

With that out-of-the-way, when I preordered my LG V20 I received a pair of Beoplay H3 Earbuds by Bang & Olufsen.  They are normally past my price point for headphones, especially earbuds, but they were free and I was going to give them a chance.  LG touts the V20 to be very good in the sound department. Switching from the Note 7, I have been impressed with the sound quality but I have in no way been blown away.  This is where the Beoplay H3 comes in.  From the moment I plugged them in and pulled up Spotify I could tell a difference.  When you’re listening to Weird Al, that is really saying something!!  The bass was deeper and I could hear a much wider range.  It became sharper and clearer. You could really hear the accordion!  It was the same music I have listened to for years only more dynamic.

Beoplay H3 Earbuds - Close UpThe Fit
With the sound quality passing with flying colors we come to the feature of earbuds that I hate.  No matter what, all earbuds either fall out of my ears or hurt my ears lobes after long use.  Because of this, I am always skeptical of earbuds.  I waited for them to fall out.  It took a bit longer than normal but they fell out just like I thought they would.  

I tried a different ear piece size to no avail. I was about to give up when I caught a glimpse of the earbud itself.  Here is where I did a facepalm as I realized that on the Beoplay H3 the volume control is on the left side and not the right.  They were backward!  I promptly changed ears and tried again.  I am happy to report that a week later there have been no falls and no painful lobes.  They fit great and almost have a noise canceling effect they fit so snugly.

As an avid computer gamer, I normally use my over-the-ear headphones for everything.  But now with the H3 I have a new choice for music and I grab these first.  If you have been on the fence about a pair of quality headphones, and if you listen to music on any sort of regular basis I would do it.  The Beoplay H3 by Bang & Olufsen have been the best pair of buds I have ever owned.  Hands down! I will not be upgrading for a while! Order a pair here: Beoplay H3 Earbuds.