Minecraft: The Boss Update Is Now Available!

Minecraft: The Boss UpdateIt has been a few months since we’ve written about Minecraft Pocket Edition.  Last night Mojang released an update that I just had to write about (and I know my son will be dying to get it!).

Mincraft Pocket Edition, and the Windows 10 edition, are being updated to v0.16.  This update is also known as “The Boss Update.”  It brings a lot of cool features but there is one in particular that my son has waited for.  As of today, the Wither is now available and you can test your mettle against him.  If you’re lucky enough to beat him you’ll get a Nether Star!

If you’re not brave enough to battle the Wither, you can explore an Ocean Monument.  You’ll find new blocks; including prismarine, dark prismarine, sponges, sea lanterns and more.  Look a little closer and you’ll find Guardians and eventually the Elder Guardian.

There are several other features including key bindings, command codes, UI enhancements, Add-Ons, bug fixes and more!

Be sure to check out the full changelog here: Mojang