Naturalrays Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

IMG_20160605_150211Recently, Naturalrays sent me one of their waterproof, extremely portable bluetooth speakers for review. I must say they company name does not really conjure up thoughts of speakers, or electronics at all for that matter. My first thought with the company name was that it had to do with sunglasses or sunscreen. But that really is not the point here.

Packaging was very simple and straightforward, coming in a small cardboard box. Inside you will find just the speaker, instructions, a USB charging cable (very short) and an auxiliary cable with a 3.5mm jack.

They sure do deliver when they say the speaker is ultra-portable. The speaker is about the size of an egg with a strap that you can use the hang just about anywhere. Charging was pretty quick, although I honestly cannot tell you how long it took because there was no light or indicator saying charging was happening or completed.

IMG_20160605_150135There is a light indicator at the base to let you know when it is powered on and becomes solid when connected. Connection was very simple and had no trouble connecting to any of my devices, even the ones running Android N Developer Preview R3.

Naturalrays markets the device as being waterproof and the device does have cover seals for the charging port and buttons. I can completely attest to it being water-resistant in light rain and in the shower. However, as with any device that claims to be waterPROOF, I am afraid to test that out, but the claim is there.

Sound quality is decent, although a little lacking on the bass levels. The speaker has volume controls, however I think they are limiting the volume on the speaker itself as opposed to from the streaming device as the volume levels did not change on my phone.

Overall I like this little guy, but at current prices, I think you can get a wider range of sound from similarly priced speakers.  You can check it out for yourself here.