Huawei Watch – One Year Later (Is It Worth It?)

Huawei Watch - One Year LaterIn the world of wearables, there are a lot of great devices. Unfortunately, it seems like quite often function and form don’t always mesh. It seems like the best devices are often clunky and don’t look all that great. There is one big exception to that rule! The Huawei Watch is not only a device with great functionality, but it does it while looking amazing! The Huawei Watch is the classiest and most stylish Android Wear device available. It originally shipped with Android Wear 1.0 and was one of only two devices slated to get Wear 2.0 (that list has grown since the official announcement of Wear 2.0’s release).  

Check out the video below for our full review. Want one for yourself? Order it here: Huawei Watch