Spigen Wireless Headphones w/ Microphone (SGP11844) Review

Spigen Wireless Headphones w/ Microphone (SGP11844) - BlackI recently had the chance to check out the Spigen Wireless Headphones w/ Microphone.  Right off the bat I am going on the record as saying, these headphones are AWESOME!!!

The build quality of the headphones is very high and they are very durable.  The headphones are joined together by a rubber wire that is just the right amount of thickness to keep it from breaking but not so thick that it gets bulky.  The wire is also the right length so that you can drape it around your next when not in use and have them hang down without falling off or being uncomfortable.

The sound quality on them is amazing! There is just the right of treble and bass without either one overwhelming the other. The volume levels have a wide range from a nice and quiet volume to a “blow your ears out” volume. They come with built-in external noise reduction so that when you have them in you are not distracted by goings on around you. Thanks to the noise reduction you won’t ever find yourself using the “blow your ears” out volumes unless you’ve already blown them out and need the super high volumes.

The included ear buds were a good fit for me but they definitely aren’t a one-size fits all type ear bud. Spigen was prepared for this and included four other sizes.

My only complaint was that the directions show you should power the headphones off and then hold the power button down for eight seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Once you enter the mode the light on the side will flash between blue and red and you will hear a voice say “pairing”. I could never get it to that point. To turn the device on you hold down the power for three seconds and then the lights start flashing and you hear a voice say “Power on”. I was able to pair the headphones at that point without any problem. I don’t think it was an issue with the headphones so much as an issue with the directions.

I would completely recommend these headphones to anyone looking for some good wireless headphones.  They are totally worth the $23.99 they are going for on Amazon!  If you want to give them a try you can order a pair for yourself here.


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