Words Cannot Describe “Armpit Hero VIP”

Armpit Hero VIPLast night I put my kids to bed and my wife was out visiting a friend. I became bored and pulled out my phone. I read the news, caught up on social media, and replied to a few emails. Afterward, I found I was still bored and needed something to do. I looked on the Play Store to see if there were any new games or apps out that looked interesting. I still don’t know what I searched for that caused it to happen, but a strange title appeared in my search results.  Armpit Hero VIP…  That’s right, Armpit Hero VIP…

That’s right, Armpit Hero… Not quite sure what Armpit Hero: VIP would offer, I decided to look into it further.  For the small amount of $0.10, I was able to buy Armpit Hero VIP.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt so I downloaded it and tried it. What followed was a strange trip through poor translations, odd humor, and demon children running around in diapers killing cute monsters running away from said demon children.

Armpit Hero VIP - IntroAs I played the game I began to find myself enjoying it.  Yes, it was disturbing that my main character was a demon child with armpit hair three feet long.  Yes, it was strange that his sister yawns to create “tremendous magic spells”.  And yes, it was strange that the first demon I summoned was a baseball with eyes.  Despite the strangeness, it was kind of fun to watch and to be a part of it.

The game is a side-scrolling auto-run action game.  You do very little beyond grabbing the occasional treasure chest, initiating special attacks, and upgrading your demon children with soul orbs and diamonds you collect along the way.  There are supposedly other features that you can use, like a multiplayer arena, but I haven’t yet figured out how to use them yet.

The game is only $0.10 but does come with in-app purchases (up to $80.00).  If you’re looking for a new way to pass the time, check out Armpit Hero VIP on the Google Play Store today! 

Armpit Hero VIP - GameplayGoogle Play Store Link: Armpit Hero VIP